Escape Rooms for Home 2020 – Austria Edition

The global pending is not only a huge a worldwide crisis, especially event-based businesses like Escape Rooms have been hugely effected. With another lockdown starting in Austria with the beginning of November, we thought it would be great to make a list about Escape Rooms for Home games that our Austrian escape games offer on their websites.

With purchases of these game, you not only can scratch that itch of missing Escape Games, but also support your local escape room businesses to have some income in these hard times.

If you know of any games we have missed, just leave us a comment and we will update this list ASAP.

Remote Escape Room Options

Since escape rooms will be closed the next weeks, which options do we as players have to still enjoy similar games at home? We have compiled a list of options.

*Please be aware that the prices we list here are estimates which could have changed since we updated this list last.

Point & Click or App Escape Games

These type of games combine the group-dynamic we all love in escape games and tell the story in a Point&Click-type game that you can enjoy directly in your Webbrowser or in an App. Play with your family at home or connect with your friends on Zoom to play these kinds of games.

Back to the CongressmanCrime RunnersDE, EN€ 15,-Open >
The Mysterious SuitcaseCrime RunnersDE, EN€ 12,-Open >
MARVO Archives Phase OneCrime RunnersEN€ 17,-Open >
MARVO Archives Phase TwoCrime RunnersEN€ 17,-Open >
A Perfect Day To Save The WorldFox in a BoxEN€ 9,99Open >
Mr. Fox’ Detective AcademyFox in a BoxEN€ 9,99Open >
Around the World in 80 DaysEscape QuestDE, EN€ 25,-Open >
VikingsEscape QuestDE, EN€ 25,-Open >
The Cat IslandEscape QuestDE, ENFreeOpen >
The Spear of DestinyScavengers EscapeDE, EN€ 20,-Open >
Das Aurora VermächtnisEscape House VorchdorfDE€ 12,99Open >
Murder on DeliveryLive Quest GamesDE, EN€ 19,-Open >
The Day BeforeLive Quest GamesDE, ENFreeOpen >
ADRENALINE – TrappedPerplexxxDE, EN€ 9,99Open >
ADRENALINE – Without a TracePerplexxxDE, EN€ 9,99Open >
Der Mysteriöse DiebstahlPerplexxxDE€ 7,99Open >
ESCAPE from TschernobylESCAPE at homeDE€ 12,-Open >

Avatar Escape Games

Avatar-based Escape Games let you still play an escape room, but you will be guiding your game master or so-called avatar over zoom through the room instead of being on location yourself. This experience tends to be the most “similar” experience in our experience, but also the one that is the most expensive as you are basically still playing a full room with at one or two people working directly with you and your team over Zoom.

BombExit The RoomDE, EN€ 119,-Open >
MurderExit The RoomDE, EN€ 119,-Open >
Voodoo SchoolExit The RoomDE, EN€ 119,-Open >
WizardExit The RoomDE, EN€ 119,-Open >
ZombieExit The RoomDE, EN€ 119,-Open >

Print @ Home, Order per Mail or Book Games

Some companies designed print @ home games that you can buy and print on your own or order it to be delivered per mail.

Willkommen bei Tag XJust Escape AustriaDE€ 14,-Open >
Mord in der Villa DornbirnSecret RoomDE€ 24,99 + ShippingOpen >
Die GeistervillaESCAPE at homeDE€ 9,50Open >
Die ZauberschuleESCAPE at homeDE€ 9,50Open >
Der verschollene Schatz: Escape BuchESCAPE at home / AmazonDE€ 9,76Open >

Did we forget an Escape Room?

We do our best to keep this list of Austrian Remote Escape Rooms for Home up-to-date, but we are not perfect and don’t know everything. If you own an Escape Room in Vienna or know about a company we forgot on our listing, please don’t hesitate and give us a heads-up in the comment section or use the contact form to send us the update privetaly.

Looking for other Enthusiasts?

There is also a Facebook Group for Austrian Escape Room Enthusiasts where you can connect with other Escape Room Players and Owners. If you want to check it out, you can the community here:

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