Gay Travel Basics – Important Questions VLOG

In our latest video, we discuss the 5 most important gay travel basics for gay people and/or couples. We love to travel together, but there are certain things you have to consider before booking a trip as a gay couple. What is the legal situation in your travel destination regarding gay rights? How “social accepted” is […]

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Chapultepec Castle – the Austrian Castle in the heart of Mexico City

I still remember it like it was yesterday, when Alex asked me out of the blue: “Did you know that Mexico had an Austrian Emperor?” Never having heard of that fact, I looked at him confused and just shook my head. So he told me all about the Mexican Emperor Maximilian I, one of the sons […]

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Wedding Bells and Escape Room Hunt in Ankara


This weekend was a very special one for us – not only was it a super long weekend with a holiday starting on thursday – but we also packed our luggage and did a trip to the turkish city of Ankara. Why? Because one of our best friends is getting married. And there was no way that […]

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