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Mallorca is one of the big Party-Hotspots for europe’s holiday seekers. But next to Party scene, the Island also offers beautiful beaches and landscapes, away from the noisy areas around Arenal. But what about Escape Rooms? Does Mallorca offer Escape Room experiences worth travelling for?

In general, Mallorca does not have many Escape Room companies – most of them are located in the capitol Palma de Mallorca. After some research on the room quality, we opted to visit the three venues below – of which we were only really happy with one of them:

Quest Quest Mallorca. The rooms were original design, the owners / gamemasters took their time and we could also call short-notice. The games were fun and we although the production level was not high-end, we did enjoy the themes and the gamesflow.

Palma Escape Rooms do have bought Escape Rooms with nice designs – but our gamemaster was really not interested in his work and we left wondering, why there were a ton of photos of teams on their website and he didn’t even want to take a photo of us. He also struggled with english a lot and couldn’t explain certain parts of the rooms to us afterwards. The same owners also own Best Escape Rooms Mallorca (at least thats what our gamemaster told us).

Mission Escape Mallorca was a company we wouldn’t recommand to visit. While the gamemaster himself was very nice, the room was just plain out boring and and looked very cheap.

Our Picks

  1. Lost in the Past –  Quest Quest Mallorca (Top Pick)
  2. 007: New Mission – Quest Quest Mallorca  (Top Pick)
  3. The Jungle – Palma Escape Rooms
  4. The Lost Arc – Palma Escape Rooms
  5. Lost Art Gallery – Mission Escape Mallorca

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  1. Mallorca is a great destination to plan your vacation in, and you can visit these great escape rooms while you’re there. What more can you ask for? I hope that more cities will open some escape rooms soon.

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