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We are living in Austria – so naturally our most travelled destination for Escape Rooms is our capital – Vienna. The biggest tourist city in the country offers a lot of different rooms – it is definitely the go-to city in Austria for Escape-Room Enthusiasts.

Since we are a little bit limited in Austria, we try to not to play all the rooms available at once – which means we still have not covered every room there is. But – we have already compiled a good overview and are working constantly to expand our Vienna Escape Room Reviews.

For more details, please check out all our Reviews below, here are some of our highlights:

All Escape Rooms in Vienna

NameRoomsAdditional InfoReview
Crime Runners4Games are on two locations, so take care when booking
Also offers Digital Experiences here
Read more
Time Busters5offers additional Outdoor Missions as wellRead more
Locks & Clocks4Former Fox in A Box Vienna, also offers Digital Experiences hereRead more
No Way Out5including 2 Horror Rooms with Actors
First Escape3+11 VR Room
Open the Door3Reopened on a new location with new rooms in 2020Read more
Escape Game Wien3Opened in 2020
Estheo3Opened in 2020
Sherlockd2Read more
Perplexxx Vienna2Opened in 2020
Masters of Escape Vienna2
Virtual Escape Wien0+15Virtual Escape offers a big variety of VR Escape Experiences
Crazy Garage3
Scavenger Escape3
Exit the Room Vienna5
Escapers1+11 VR Room – we have played the same game in Budapest
Escape!1Art / Social Experience / Escape Room Hybrid – Cooperation between MQ and Time-Busters.Read more
Escape Mission2“Temporarily Closed” since September 2019 (last updated: 30.10.2020)Read more
Brain Teasers Vienna2“Temporarily Closed” since October 2020 (last updated: 30.10.2020)Read more

Obviously, we have not yet played all the Escape Rooms in Vienna, but here is a final summery with some standouts and further details, that can help with the final selection of your Escape Rooms.

Closed Escape Rooms

The following locations have closed and can not be visited anymore:

Stand-Out Escape Rooms

If you are limited on time but you still want to book a couple of games, the following companies would be our choice for first-pick.

  • Crime Runners: Going Underground is by far the standout game in Vienna and a must-see for any visiting Escape Room Enthusiasts. Besides that, Crime Runners also offers their 3 (older) rooms with a connecting story. The are generally very well rated and have a great team.
  • Locks & Clocks (former Fox in a Box) Vienna is one of our favourite companies for its consistency of well-designed games and super nice staff.
  • Time Busters offers (at least) two really great games: the Mine is a very well designed room with great immersion and puzzles, the same can be said about their newest game Mission Jailbreak.
  • No Way Out is pretty new on the scene in Vienna but already made a mark with two great games that can be viewed as top of the games in Vienna: School of Magic as well as Da Vinci look great and are really fun to play. They also offer 2 Horror Games with Actors, which is pretty unique in Vienna.

Battle-Games for bigger groups

Are you looking for Escape Rooms that can host more than 8 people? While you can probably go to most of the venues in Vienna to play some rooms simultaniously, these comanpies offer rooms designed for bigger groups:

  • SherLockd in Vienna offers its Escape Room with a competition mode, where groups can work in 2 identical rooms to see who finishes first – with a very cool twist included.
  • Time Busters also offer a competition room with their game Tomb of Montezuma.

More in it for the Immersion?

If your focus is not primarily on a lot of puzzles but more on beautiful or special set design, these following Escape Room companies would be our choice to check out:

VR Escape?

Virtual Reality is growing in every sector – of course the Escape Room market also offers some VR-Experiences:

  • Exit VR bought the standout ER game Huxley from Berlin and brought it to Vienna. We have not played it on location, but we really enjoyed the experience in Berlin. While it is not the same as an Escape Room, the group experience in this game works exceptionally well.
  • First Escape also offers a new VR Experience with their Dark Chapel game. While we do think the overall experience for us as a group was fun, the game itself was super buggy and it felt more like a tech-demo than a final product. Wanna try some new tech – go for it. But do not expect more.
  • Escapers offer a VR Experience called COSMOS where you have to save a space station. We have played this game in Budapest with another company, but the game is the same, so you can read about it here.

Bears’ Escape Reviews of Vienna

Definitely check out our individual Reviews of Escape Rooms in Vienna we have played:

Crime Runners: Going Underground - Vienna

Crime Runners: Going Underground – Vienna

Escape Room Review - Short Roar - Crime Runners: Going UndergroundVienna, Austria Location: Hernalser Gürtel 24, 1090 Vienna, AustriaGames (reviewed): ...
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“Crime Runners” in Vienna

“Crime Runners” in Vienna

Crime Runners is considered one of the highest rated Escape Room Companies in Vienna, so we are very happy to ...
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Bears’ Escape “Locks & Clocks” in Vienna

Bears’ Escape “Locks & Clocks” in Vienna

Locks & Clocks is one of those Escape Room companies that managed to hook us. After our first try, we ...
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Open the Door - Vienna - Escape Room Review

Bears’ Escape “Open The Door” in Vienna

Let's get the Review of Open the Door started: Open The Door Vienna, Austria Location: Alser Straße 27/1/5, 1080 Vienna, Austria Games (reviewed): The Magician's ...
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Bears’ Escape “SherLockd” in Vienna

Bears’ Escape “SherLockd” in Vienna

After visiting a lot of Escape Rooms outside of Austria, it was time to revisit some of our local venues ...
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Bears’ Escape “Escapology” in Vienna

Bears’ Escape “Escapology” in Vienna

It was in January of this year, when we visited Vienna, the Capital of Austria. We went with two very ...
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Photo by Real Escape Wien

Bears’ Escape “Real Escape Wien” in Vienna

One of the Escape Room venues in Vienna that had us curious was Real Escape Wien - we have heard ...
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Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Bears’ Escape “Time-Busters” in Vienna

One of our personal favourite Escape Room venues in Vienna is Time-Busters. We have visited one of their locations already ...
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Bears’ Escape “Exithink” in Vienna

Bears’ Escape “Exithink” in Vienna

The new year has started and we have not done an Escape Room yet. Reason enough to spontaneously call for a ...
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Bears’ Escape “MindX” in Vienna

Bears’ Escape “MindX” in Vienna

The second escape room company we visited on our vienna-escape-saturday was MindX. We did two of their three rooms and ...
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Bears’ Escape “Escape Mission” in Vienna

Bears’ Escape “Escape Mission” in Vienna

It was time for my little brothers birthday. He really wanted to join us on in an Escape Room Adventure ...
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Bears' Escape - "Adventure Rooms Vienna"

Bears’ Escape – “Adventure Rooms Vienna”

Since we are huge fans of so-called "Escape Room" games, we are adding a new category to our blog called "Bears' ...
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Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Bears’ Escape “Mystoria” in Vienna

When we researched Mystoria in Vienna, we were surprised to find out that they are actually one of the bigger ...
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Did we forget an Escape Room?

We do our best to keep this list of Escape Rooms in Vienna up-to-date, but we are not perfect and don’t know everything. If you own an Escape Room in Vienna or know about a company we forgot on our listing, please don’t hesitate and give us a heads-up in the comment section or use the contact form to send us the update privetaly.

Looking for other Enthusiasts?

There is also a Facebook Group for Austrian Escape Room Enthusiasts where you can connect with other Escape Room Players and Owners. If you want to check it out, you can the community here:

More Review Blogs for Vienna & Austria

Sadly we have not yet found another blog that also covers Austria – but if you have an Escape Room Blog, please contact us so we can add your link.

Vienna offers a ton of rooms – let us know if you have a recommendation which we should consider on our next trip to Vienna.

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