Bears’ Escape “SherLockd” in Vienna

After visiting a lot of Escape Rooms outside of Austria, it was time to revisit some of our local venues. We have heard good feedback about this location, so we made a reservation at SherLockd in Vienna. This one is all about Sherlock Holmes, but did we enjoy our game? Let’s get the Escape Room […]

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Bears’ Escape “Real Escape Game” Tokyo

The second and last room we found in Tokyo that actually offered an English-Speaking experience was Real Escape Game in Asakusa. They also offered something we have never done before – a public game. At first we were confused and unsure about being paired up with strangers, but find out in the Review how everything turned […]

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Bears’ Escape “Engima Escape” in London

During our “Time Run London Weekend”, we had some extra time to explore London a little bit more. Naturally, we also visited some other Escape Room venues. It proved to be a bit difficult to find companies that offer rooms for just two people but luckily we found Enigma Escape, which offers both of their […]

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Bears’ Escape “Xcape Roma” in Rome

The last and final Escape Room company we visited in Rome was Xcape Roma. They had interesting concepts and rooms on the website – we just ran into one problem: neither the website nor most of their rooms are available in English. Lets get the Review started: Xcape Roma Rome, Italy Location: Via Sorrento, 10/12, 00177 […]

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