Escape Rooms in Madrid – Tourist Impressions

We spent New Years Eve 2017 to 2018 in Madrid / Spain. It was not a full-on escape room enthusiast trip, but we were able to combine a family adventure with as many escape rooms as possible.

Naturally, we were not able to visit ALL Escape Rooms in Madrid, as there already are a lot of companies present. Never the less – if you are looking for rooms that are playable in english, the selection is actually quite limited. We were lucky because Alex speaks Spanish (he is Mexican after all), so I would really recommend to meet-up with someone there to be able to fully enjoy all the experiences.

In general, the language barrier is present and english is not super common in Madrid, so be sure to check in with the escape rooms before booking to make sure that you can actually play their games. Most companies don’t offer any english options on the website at all, but emailing them or contacting them on facebook was quite helpful for us. The quality of the rooms overall was okay to good. We even encountered some new favourites.

Thanks to Clarisa for her providing us with an awesome list of Escape Rooms beforehand – it made our Escape-Room planing way easier.

Our Picks

Playable Escape Rooms in Madrid as english-speakers

  1. The Interview – Cubick Escape (Top Pick)
  2. Dr Blooms Experiment  – Five Mon-Keys (Top Pick)
  3. Zodiac Killer – Fox in A Box
  4. Bank Heist – Fox in a Box
  5. Double Agent –  Exit Madrid

Playable Escape Rooms in Madrid only with spanish-speakers

  1. Un Caso Perdido – Action House (Top Pick)
  2. Abakadabra – Brain Brake
  3. Grafitti – Hermetico Escape

Escape Room Reviews of Madrid

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Since we got a pretty decent list of Madrid-based games from our fellow enthusiast Clarisa, we didn’t consult a lot of other blogs ourselves. Still – other ressources are always a good read – so here we go. This is just a very comprehensive list, you can find a ton of mostly spanish blogs on extrescaper.

Meanwhile, these Links should help:

Madrid surely has a lot more rooms – let us know if you have a recommendation which we should consider on our next trip to Spain.

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