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Bratislava is the capitol of Slovakia and fairly close to Vienna – so we decided to visit the city for a weekend and check out what Escape Rooms Bratislava has to offer.

And to be honest – we were very positively surprised by what we found. Considering the lower prize point and the close location to Vienna, it is a great city to visit for an Escape Room Weekend.

Before we start with the in-depth look in our Reviews, here is an Overview of the venues we visited in Bratislava:

Questum Bratislava offers 4 rooms, with Secrets of Nikola Tesla being the highest rated, which we agree – it is a great game. Their newest game is The Ghost Stories of Socialism, which is more of a spooky Storyroom, that goes more for overall experience and focuses less on the puzzles.

Izba číslo 13 stands for Room 13 also offers multiple rooms at one location. We played 2 games at their venue, with Temple of Skull being one of our Top Picks of the city. Definetly worth of visit.

Asylum offer one Escape Room experience at their location, which is centred around a mysterious Asylumn (of course) – the game is spooky and haunted, but it never gets too crazy. We loved it and can only recommend to try it, if you can handle scary Escape Room experiences.

PanIQ Room Bratislava also offer one game at their venue: DaVincis Secret. While the room design itself definitely shows its age, the puzzles in the game were actually quite fun and different.

Trapped offers 2 games in the heart of oldtown, which means you can combine it with a tourist activity. Both games are well designed and built, but we did prefer the other games we did in Bratislava more.

Our Picks

  1. Temple of Skull – Izba číslo 13 (Top Pick)
  2. Secret of Nikola Tesla – Questum Bratislava (Top Pick)
  3. Asylum – Asylum Bratislava (Top Pick)
  4. Ghost Stories of Socialism – Questum Bratislava
  5. DaVincis Secret – PanIQ Room Bratislava
  6. Crime Scene – Izba číslo 13
  7. Virus – Trapped Bratislava
  8. Bunker – Trapped Bratislava

Escape Room Reviews of Bratislava (in progress)

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Slovakia does not have a big Escape Room community, so we couldn’t find any other Escape Room blog – but if you have one or know any, please let us know, we will add them to our list:

These Links should help you with that:

Bratislava surely has more rooms – let us know if you have a recommendation which we should consider on our next trip to Slovakia.

Our Snack and Hangout Spot

Since every Escape Room trip also includes a ton of snacks and drinks, we tend to find nice little places we adore and can totally recommend if you need a break from escaping

Regal Rooftop

Regal Rooftop was our go-to place in Bratislava whenever we had to take break and had some time to rest. It was a lounge-like rooftop bar with snacks like Burgers and Fries (which were super good). We also loved their homemade lemonades, which they offer in quite a good amount of different flavours. If the weather is nice, this place is a must in Bratislava and it is right next to oldtown.

What we loved

  • the open air location right next to Oldtown – a little bit of sun would be good if you visit
  • super comfortable cabanas – they have two and we got one on every visit
  • Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries – super delicious
  • Homemade Lemonades – Elderflower was the best

Where is it located?

Hurbanovo námestie, 811 03 Bratislava

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