Escape the Review Format

We have struggled to release new Reviews the last couple of month. Why did that happen and how do we plan to change that?

Whats going on?

If you have been following our blog, you may have noticed that we have slowed down with releasing new Escape Room Reviews during the last couple of month.

Did we overcome our Escape Room obsession? Absolutely not, we have played a ton of rooms since we blogged last and even more before. Fact of the matter is, writing the detailed reviews we used to write takes a lot of time. As long as we have the time, we love to give you all the most details and best information to chose your next rooms. 

Sadly, looking at the waiting reviews of rooms we have played more than 10 months ago, we realised we had to make a change. 

So what does that mean?

We will be implementing some changes in the near future to our blog. Will we still release Escape Room Reviews? Absolutely. Hopefully more than before.

We will, however, focus a bit more on city-specific lists, giving you guys a quick overview over the rooms we played with just some of the rooms getting a more detailed review. Additionally, we will try out a “quick roar” format in which we give you guys the details of the Escape Room and a short summery, without all the details of a long review. 

We will see how this will work out – hopefully with a faster transition of finished reviews to our blog. If you have some further feedback, just let us know in the feedback section.

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