Exciting new Burger Place LE BURGER in Vienna

It has been some time since our first “Foodie Bears” Blog entry, because we set our goal to just write about food places that really excite us. Long and behold – we stumbled upon a “new” Burger Hot Spot in Vienna called “Le Burger”, which was so good it deserves an entry on our Foodie Bears’ Review List.

Le Burger in Vienna / Austria

Foodie Bears Review

I have to make something clear right from the start: I LOVE a good Burger. They are on the top of my list of favourite food. If you don’t like burgers, this is probably not the place for you. And yes, they are not the healthiest food choice, so you should enjoy them with caution. Nevertheless, this review is written by a general Burger lover, so don’t be surprised to find out that I really liked this place.


How is the atmosphere?

We discovered “Le Burger” on one of our walks though Mariahilferstraße in Vienna – they just opened a new “Le Burger” location there. It is the third location of the franchise, which stands for a new modern twist on the traditional Burger Restaurant concept. They work with local and fresh products combined with a great, modern and comfortable atmosphere. On the ground-floor level you can find a small coffee area, some seating space (with some hipster inspired swinging benches) as well as the self-service food order area.

Upstairs the location offers more of a restaurant flair with additional seating opportunities as well as service personal where you can order your food to be served directly at your table. The interior has the rustic wooden style that is getting more common now in new Austrian restaurants. They also have lots of natural light thanks to the huge window front – so the atmosphere is really comfortable and nice.


How is the service?

We have been to Le Burger twice – one time when there were barely any guests and another time during lunchtime when the restaurant was packed. Both of the times the service personal was really nice and did not show any of the “classic vienna charme”  you experience in a lot of restaurants in Vienna, where you as a guest feel like you have to apologize for being there. But like I said before, we did not run into this here, so everything was good.


Let’s cut to the chase – how is the food?

Le Burger offers a lot of choices. Besides having the “Build your own Burger” Option, you can choose between a selection of normal or veggie Burgers, as well as some salads and nice extras like fries, coleslaw, onion rings as well as my personal favourite – sweetpotatoe fries. On the picture you see the Farmhouse Burger, which was super moist and delicious.

I also love the option of the soda bar, where you can fill your glass with a variety of nice soda options like “Elder”, “Apple”, “Rabarba” or Vitamin Water. They also give you a free selection of homemade sauces like “Spicey Mayonese” or “Mango Curry”.

Final Words

All in all we had a really good food experience in Le Burger – also the veggie burgers are delicious. If you love a good burger, Le Burger is definitely worth a try.


So where can i find it?

Le Burger
1070 Wien
web: www.leburger.at

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Have you been to Le Burger? Do you want to share your experience? Or do you have a recommendation of a new place for us to check out? Leave a comment and let us know.

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