Hi and welcome to the first post of our new blog – two bears life.

We are Alex and Teffie and we will try to update this blog in regular intervals with all the interesting and (maybe not so??) amazing stuff that happens in our life. We love to travel, we love food, we struggle with loosing weight, but still do our best to keep up a regular workout routine.

This blog will be about all of this, so expect travel info and photos, food tryout and recipe recommendations, personal stories, workout experiences and so much more.

But since the blog was just born, we will also give it some room to breath and see what works and what doesn’t, what keeps our and your interest and what turns out to be a bore and should better not be repeated.

We welcome your feedback, but please keep your comments in a decent tone.

Have an awesome day – Alex & Teffie


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  1. Hi Bears,
    I am an American female living in Augsburg, Germany with my partner of 6 years. We travel alot, as I retired 4 years ago at the age of 50 and my partner, Tanja gets 6 weeks off a year. I viewed your video about gay travel and I totally agree and refuse to go to places that discriminate and have laws against gays. We were surprised on how many places such as Malaysia and Zanibar just to name a few.

    I will be following your blog, thanks for sharing your adventures.

    Much joy, Vera Zepeda

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