Bears’ Escape “Open The Door” in Vienna

What better thing to do on Halloween than to go on a road-trip with friends to do some new Escape Rooms? We thought this was an amazing idea, so we invited some of our Escape Room Fanatic Friends to go to Vienna and check out three new rooms. The first one we did was Open The Door – let’s get the Review started:

Open The Door
Vienna, Austria

Location: Alser Straße 27/1/5, 1080 Vienna, Austria
Games: The Magician’s Power (Torture Chamber, Night at the Museum)
Group: 4 People

Our Experience

Open The Door just celebrated their one year anniversary in Vienna and since they gave us a shout-out in our comment section, we wanted to see what they have to offer. They have three rooms right now: The Magician’s Power, the Torture Chamber and Night at the Museum. We initially wanted to go fo the Torture Chamber, but they told us that the room will be renovated soon and the Magician’s Power is their newest one, so we went with that. Hopefully we will have a chance to check out their other rooms soon.

The Magician’s Power

As a student of a wizard you’ll find out that your teacher is evil. What can you do? You have no other choice than to compete against him! This is not easy and involves many challenges. The Master discovers your plan and challenges you! You get an hour to prove yourself and defeat his magic. Find the place where he keeps the source of his power. You will also need to find three magical elements to succeed against him. Everything is in your hands – use your mind and a bit of magic!

We started the game with a short introduction by the gamemaster, after which we were brought into the room and the clock started. The theme is nice and refreshing. I am always happy to find something else than Prison, Bomb or Secret Agent. The room does involve finding codes for locks, but it also has other puzzles to solve, which is nice.

The production level is good and once you have actually started to go deeper into the room(s), the “Magic”-Theme comes into play way more than expected. We had a really good time.

We successfully broke the Magician’s Power

Final Roar

They put the difficulty level of this room at a 9 of 10, which makes it a good fit for an experienced group like us, since we had a good flow, but struggled a little bit and also needed some hints.

In this room, you will not be able to have direct contact with the gamemaster, but you will get clues on a screen, once they feel like you are lost – which worked well for us. In general, almost all the puzzles had some logical connections.

The only flaw we stumbled upon was a safe, which you need to open fairly early and for us there was absolutely no logical connection between that safe and the hint in the room that told you how to open it. Also, there are some color and light puzzles involved, which were a little bit of a problem, since the perception of color is always a bit subjective. But since we got a tip for that, we were able to continue and defeated the Magician. Overall, all 4 of us had enough to do and we had a great time.


Where can I find them?

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Have you ever played this escape game? Or can you recommend any other location for us to try? Please let us know in the comment section.


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  1. Hey guys, great reviews! We’re coming into Vienna next month on vacation so I was wondering what is the #1 room you think we should do while we are in town? Crime Runners is rated #1 on Trip Advisor, but I was curious about your own personal recommendations. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi BDR,

      first of all, thanks for the nice feedback.

      We have done a bunch of rooms in Vienna, but we have not yet put reviews of all of them on the blog. We have not visited Crime Runners, so sadly I can not tell you more about them. How big is your group and how much experience do you guys have with Escape Rooms?

      For a smaller group I would definitely go for the Tomb-Room of Escapology – we had a lot of fun in this one. All the rooms of Fox in the Box are also good – but I think our favourite was the Bunker. If you are up for a challenge, try Time Busters / The Labyrinth .. definitely the most challenging room we have done in Vienna.

      Would be cool if you tell let me know what u did in the end and what you thought about the room(s)

      Thank you for commenting and I hope I was able to help

      1. Howdy… we’re a group of about 6 folks. We’ve done about 6 or so, so far. We have one booked in Munich next month before we head to Austria. I was actually looking at the Tomb-Room last night and had it on my shortlist. Keep up the reviews, fun to read! Thanks!

        1. With 6 people, you might be a little bit too much for the tomb, since there are not that many puzzles to solve – the location is still cool.

          With your group I would definitely go for the timebuster Labyrinth Challenge – there is a lot of stuff to do and if you finish it in 60 min, you even get some money back ( we didn’t, but had an amazing time 🙂 )

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