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Bears’ Escape “Claustrophilia” Budapest

When we went to Budapest, Claustrophilia was (and still is) one of the best rated rooms in the city. As Escape Room Fanatics, we booked the two games they offered at the time right away. Did it live up to our high expectations? Lets start the Review. Claustrophilia Budapest, Hungary Location: Erzsébet krt. 8, 1073 Budapest Games: […]

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Bears’ Escape “VRoom” Budapest

On our last trip to Budapest, we had the chance to check out a new kind of escape room. VRoom is the first company to offer Virtual Reality Escape Rooms in Central Europe. Check out our Review about the VR-Escape to outer Space “Cosmos” and get a little sneak peek into their new room “Mind Horror“. […]

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Bears’ Escape “E-Exit” Budapest

During the last year, we have visited Budapest not one, not two, but three times. We fell in love with the capital of Hungary because of its hip look & feel, the great amount of awesome and diverse restaurants & bars and most of all, the huge number of Escape Rooms. We will kick-off our Budapest Escape […]

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Escape Rooms in Vienna 2021

We are living in Austria – so naturally our most travelled destination for Escape Rooms is our capital – Vienna. The biggest tourist city in the country offers a lot of different rooms – it is definitely the go-to city in Austria for Escape-Room Enthusiasts. Since we are a little bit limited in Austria, we try […]

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Bears’ Escape “Exit VR” in Berlin

While visiting Berlin, we heard a lot about the new escape room VR experience called Huxley. Naturally, we got curious and after talking with some of our escape room friends in the city, we knew we had to check it out. Are you sceptical about Escape Rooms and Virtual Reality? We were too. So let’s […]

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Bears’ Escape “Real Escape Wien” in Vienna

Photo by Real Escape Wien

One of the Escape Room venues in Vienna that had us curious was Real Escape Wien – we have heard a lot of good feedback from fellow Escape Room Enthusiasts, so we booked as soon as we were in Vienna. Let’s start our Escape Room Review of Real Escape Wien in Vienna. Real Escape Wien […]

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Bears’ Escape “Xcape Roma” in Rome

The last and final Escape Room company we visited in Rome was Xcape Roma. They had interesting concepts and rooms on the website – we just ran into one problem: neither the website nor most of their rooms are available in English. Lets get the Review started: Xcape Roma Rome, Italy Location: Via Sorrento, 10/12, 00177 […]

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Escape Room Guide

We love to travel and we are addicted to Escape Room Games. For that reason we started to write our popular Bears’ Escape – Escape Room Reviews, where we tell you guys which rooms are worthy to be checked out and which ones are simply not. This page will give you a “rooms by country” […]

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Bears’ Escape – “Kripto” in Ankara

It has been some time since out last Bears’ Escape post – but that doesn’t mean we have stopped playing escape rooms. Absolutely not. We have had a super busy summer, traveling to different cities like Zürich, Budapest (twice), Prague, Vienna (well, that’s not really impressive but nevertheless) and Ankara. The last destination was the topic […]

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