Bachelorette Weekend in Prague

It was time to do an bachelorette heist @ Lostrooms Enjoying an amazing evening wit great friends in Prague A delicious dinner location – Eska Checking out the food photos @ Eska Having an amazing breakfast @ La Bogetta Gastronomica Cheers @ Eska

One of our best friends is getting married soon and she asked Alex to be one of her Brides-Men. What that is? Well, the male form of brides-maid of course. So it was his responsibility to organize the Bachelorette Weekend. He chose Prague. Why? First of all, because Merve – the bride-to-be loves the city and the weekend is all about her having a good time. But furthermore Prague is a great city for this kind of event – it is close to upper Austria, where we live, it is pretty cheap compared to Vienna and it has a lot of nice places to eat, to have fun and to dance. So that’s what we did – of course.

We had an amazing weekend – everyone had a lot of fun, it was an amazing time with a group of very special friends. Thank you girls for the great time – and here we have a selection of photos as well as our video so all of you can see a couple of impressions too. Enjoy!

Bachelorette's Weekend in Prague

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Wanna know more about the places we went to?

Escape Room: Lostrooms »
The crew was nice and they have a lot of rooms – we will follow up with an Bears’ Escape review of course.

Dinner Restaurant: Eska »
We love this restaurant so much – the food is amazing, the location is pretty cool and the staff super nice.

Italien Breakfast: La Bogetta Gastronomica »
We didnt plan on going there, but our original reservation fell through so we found this place instead, which made us really happy. It is super good and they have great original italien food. .

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