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Logic Locks offer two acclaimed rooms in Amsterdam, we have visited their Lionheart Chamber – did we make it out alive?

Escape Room Review

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Logic Locks 
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Location: Ferdinand Huyckstraat 28, 1061 HW Amsterdam
Games (reviewed): The Lionheart Chamber
Games (not reviewed): The Catacombs
Group: 2
Website: www.logiclocks.com

The Lionheart Chamber

The descendants of explorer Elizabeth van Leeuwenhart have decided to open her old study chamber to the public. They are looking for a golden heart necklace of unimaginable value the ‘Lionheart’. But watch out, the study chamber won’t give up its secrets easily…

Our Experience

The Lionheart Chamber was one of the earlier Escape Rooms in Amsterdam, but the Team of Logic Locks have a lot of passion and dedication and you feel that in the moment the game briefing starts. 

The theme of the room is a mix between Indiana Jones and Voodoo Magic and definitely has some spooky elements. We asked them to make the room the least amount of scary as possible, but the game will still have some spooky elements in it. I wouldn’t call it a scary horror room though – it had a great atmosphere though with some nice surprises.

The Lionheart Chamber has a lot more puzzles and tasks in it than we first expected and it was a tough room for just two people  – we still escaped with around 9 minutes left on the clock. 

Overall, we did enjoy the game. It does show its age a bit, but the theme allows for that. Never the less, a good room with some unexpected twists and turns. 

Sidenote: Logic Locks just opened their new room The Catacombs (find out more here) which is a scary Escape Room built in actual Catacombs. We have not had a change to play it yet, but would love to hear some feedback. 


Bears Escape - Logic Locks in Amsterdam
  • 7/10
    Location - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Production - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Staff - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Fun - 7/10


Logic Locks offers two games, the Lionheart Chamber and the Catacombs, of which we played the first. The story of Eliza Lionheart is quite interesting and we did enjoy the room – it is a bit scary though. Althoug it is one of the older games in the city, it still is a very charming game.

Where can I find them?

Have you ever played this escape game or one of their other rooms? Or can you recommend any other location for us to try? Please let us know in the comment section.

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