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Liebesbrot in Linz/Leonding

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Liebesbrot in Linz / Leonding

Foodie Bears Review


We love going out for breakfast or brunch on the weekends. Sure, we also love to prepare it ourself, but let’s be real, breakfast on the weekend is even better, if you don’t have to put any work into it and you still have a great time with great food. To be honest, the breakfast options in and around Linz are not that diverse compared to other cities, so we are always on the lookout for new breakfast places to try.

How is the atmosphere?

“Liebesbrot” is a new concept by the bakery chain “Resch & Frisch”, where they combine the traditional austrian bakery with a modern brassiere / coffeehouse atmosphere – something that is actually missing here in Linz totally. Austrians are really proud of their “traditional coffee house culture”, so the industry is really slow in moving with the time. That doesn’t mean that everything has to be americanized, but to be honest, it also should not mean that all you get for breakfast everywhere is just “Vienna Breakfast / Wiener Frühstück” with semmel, ham, an egg and a coffee.

Of course there are exceptions and more and more deverse places are opening around here – but for me, this new concept is really successful in keeping the traditional values that Austrians love about their bakery culture, but still bringing in all the atmosphere and comfort of modern coffeehouses from around the world.

The bakery offers enough space inside as well as out outside for summer – and everything is new, modern and comfortable.

How is the service?

The service is friendly, we didn’t have to wait too long to order or to get our orders afterwords. The only criticism we have – and its a really small one (to be honest), is that once we received our first order, nobody came to check in again with us if we wanted more coffee or clear the table with the dirty dishes – but since we ordered the buffet and there was service personal everywhere anyway, it was no problem just ordering another coffee on my way to the food-bar. In general, the service is good.

Let’s cut to the chase – how is the food?

We ordered the breakfast brunch, which is basically an all you can eat & drink menu for around € 17,- per person. You can order as much coffee and tea as you want, as well as take water and various juices and smoothies from the food bar. Since it is a bakery at heart, the bread they offer is super good and they don’t just limit you to the traditional “Semmel” and “Kornspitz”, but offer a big variety of bread and sweet products – all and as much of you want included in the brunch.

You can order various egg-meals like Ham&Eggs from the kitchen (also included) as well as serve yourself from the open food bar, which has a big variety of cheese, ham and other sliced-saussage products. You can see all of the options in the picture.

Like i said, the bread was fresh, the food from the bar was fresh and good and the ordered ham & eggs were really good too. Since both of us tried the brunch, we can not speak for the rest of the options on the menu – but we took a photo of the menu, so you can check it our directly. Overall, we were really happy with the breakfast and can fully recommend it.

So where can i find it?

Ehrenfellner Straße 4
4060 Leonding
web: Resch & Frisch »

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