Bears’ Escape “Final Escape” in Berlin

The next Escape Room we targeted in Berlin was a super stylish room by the company “Final Escape”. The optics of their “Steampunk Puppeteer” room look impressive – but did the game match the design? Let’s start our Review: Final Escape Berlin, Germany Location: Prenzlauer Allee 23 10405 Berlin, Germany Games (reviewed): The Steampunk Puppeteer Games […]

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Bears’ Escape “Secret Studio” in London

The last Escape Room we did on our One-Day-London Escape Room Tour was a mystery-themed game located in an old film editing studio. To keep the thrill level high, we made our appointment at “Secret Studio” in London shortly before midnight.  Let’s start our Review. Secret Studio London, England Location: Wentworth St, London E1 7EZ, UK Games: Secret […]

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Bears’ Escape “Breakin Escape Rooms” in London

After avoiding Sheep-Mutation and solving the mystery of a missing Magician, our next stop in London was the Location of “Breakin Escape Rooms” in London. Our mission was to invade a Space Station and battle the enemies of Blackwing. Lets get our Review started. Breakin’ Escape Rooms London, England Location:89 Holloway Rd, London N7 8LT, UK Games […]

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